29 June 2009

Red Flag

The other day I saw a t-shirt that said, “Depression is merely anger without Enthusiasm.” And, you know what, that is probably true in many cases.

In counseling we like to talk about Anger being a secondary emotion used to cover-up or cope with other unwanted emotions like hurt, frustration, disappointment, or fear, just to name a few.

Sometimes people tell me they are angry with God. I tell them what I was told. If you are angry with God, don’t hide it, tell Him. He knows already anyway.

After reflecting on this topic last week I would add this: What primary emotion is our anger toward God covering up – Sadness? Hurt? Disappointment? A lack of trust? A lack of ... faith?

God loves us ... so much so that He sacrificed something, someone, very precious to Him for our benefit. When we begin to rap our minds around the idea that God loves us dearly, that His love is real and tangible, then we begin to embrace hope and faith grows. We begin to experience God’s love in a new way.

There are times I still get angry, even at God. When I do I ask Him to show me which underlying emotion is leading to the anger, and then I ask Him to remind me that He loves me. In my life, inevitably anger is a reflection of my lack of faith in God’s plan for my life. When I am reminded of His awesome love for me faith grows and the anger disipates.

“Father, You are a mighty and loving Creator. Be tender to us, Your children. Do not forget us in our pain and times of need. Life can be really hard Father and we cannot make it without Your love in our lives. We cry out to you in Jesus name.”

12 June 2009

The Jonathan Project

Greetings Prayer Circle:

Friends of mine, Charles and Susan Bennett, will be holding an open house at their new counseling center, which goes by the cool name: The Jonathan Project.

“Then Jonathan, Saul’s son, arose and went to David in the woods and strengthened his hand in God.” (NKJV)

Pray for their efforts and if possible stop by and check out their new digs. They seek to serve and glorify our Lord by serving others through Biblical counseling.

The Open House: June 25th from 5:30-7pm at: 1025 W New York Ave, Deland.

My family will be traveling with limited access to the Internet. I’ll post again when we return on the 29th.

. . . Father, we pray for those who serve you. Thank you for the gift of people like Charles and Susan and the many others who love and seek to honor you by dedicating their careers to you. In Jesus name we pray . . .

11 June 2009

Thessaloniki Greece

Worshipers Hungry for our Lord . . .
Led by Daytona's own Pastor Frank Gresham.

07 June 2009

Flying Bibles

Sunday I was hustling from the sanctuary of our church to an older building across the street for a men’s Bible study. A handful of friends, the kind of people one would expect to see in a pool hall rather than a place of worship Sunday morning, were waiting for me. My people.

The Pastor of our Church, Tom Nelson, saw me hurrying and mentioned on the fly that he would be quoting me in that morning’s message. Boy, my head started to swell almost immediately, pride, it was there. I can’t deny it.

But, our God has a sense of humor, trust me.

I took about ten steps, strutting probably, caught the tip of my toe on the curb ... and in slow motion ... tripped.

The stack of bibles I was carrying jumped out of my hands, flapping in the wind like a flock of birds taking off into the air. In the meantime, I continued earthward until the side of my face bounced of the sidewalk, twice.

Proverbs 3:12 says that the LORD disciplines those He loves. I was feeling God’s love in full measure as I lay stretched out on the sidewalk.

It was not hard to laugh off what had just happened as I picked myself up. I have had a lot of opportunity to do foolish things over the years. But, the God who loves me always gives me a second chance. Even when, maybe especially when, the things I did, the people I hurt, and how I hurt them, was not so funny.

If there is something for which you need forgiveness, ask Him. He will forgive you. That is not my promise, that is His promise. Our God is dynamic, He has a sense of humor, but above all else He is a God of mercy and love. He loves you.

... Father, thank you for being our God, thank you for the people in our lives, and thank you for loving us. Father, humble us when we need to be humbled, and always bring us back to your mercy and grace. In Jesus name we pray ...