27 July 2009

March toward the sound of the guns

The Christian writer Donald Miller said one time that when it comes to following Jesus he hates military analogies.


There are people who take it too far for sure. These are usually people who forget Jesus enjoined us to pray for our enemies, show mercy to those who are merciless toward us, help those who would forget us during our times of need. - Love, Truth, Forgiveness: these are the weapons Christ gives us to use in the struggle between Good and evil.

Soldiers sometimes become disoriented during the confusion of battle. Sometimes a soldier’s most recent directive is no longer applicable to their current situation.

There is an old military adage, which states: March toward the sound of the guns. This directive simply means that if you don’t know what else to do, go to where the fighting is most intense. This is where you are needed.

There are times I ask myself: where are the guns the loudest in my life? Does the single parent of three across the street need help? Is there a person from work who lost a family member and needs someone to listen to them? Is there a person in my life who is suffering because they made a mistake, hurt other people, and needs someone to remind them that we all make mistakes ... even if we do not all get caught ... and despite everything else, they are still valuable and loved by their Creator. And, that forgiveness is available.

Where are the guns loudest in your life, in your community?

March toward the sound of the guns.

"Father. I am amazed by Your love. Forgive me for my inactions. You are a loving Father full of patience and forgiveness. Move us closer to Your heart. Your ways. Command our spirits to recognize and then follow Your ways. In Jesus name we pray."


  1. Good message for daily living. Go where you're needed.

  2. Where the guns are the loudest in my life......fantastic. Great post. I wonder where the guns are the loudest in my life....I tend to want to shy away from them.


  3. Sometimes the guns are the loudest in my own head . . . its my own fear . . . which of course is a lack of faith. Following Jesus is a growth experience . . . :-)

  4. This is an incredible post. Thru twitter I have sent several to this post.

    Mike Ellis

  5. Russell, this ministers to me today more than you might imagine. I'm at a pivotal point of needing to move in a different direction, and you gave me just what I needed to hear.

    Thank you. I'm most grateful.

  6. Blessings and prayers to you Anne, as you move forward to do our Lord's work...