03 August 2009

Sex God

Has anyone here read the book “Sex God” by Rob Bell? I haven’t, and I’m not sure that I will . But, when I found a copy on my wife’s nightstand, you might not be surprised to know I went to Amazon.com to see what the book is about ... What is she up to anyway? Maybe I should start working out again ... hmmm.

It turns out the book talks about the God of Abraham and human sexuality. It also turns out the book is highly controversial. I've always got a lot out of Rob Bell's Nooma videos. But, this book seems to be a little tooooo “relevant” for some followers of Christ. One reviewer wrote – Maybe Rob Bell should take a Bible class. – Ouch! Stinging criticism considering Rob Bell’s day job is being a pastor up in Michigan.

How are followers of Jesus, I mean the Bible believing variety, supposed to talk about sexuality and the world's empty promises surrounding sex? How do we contend with our hypersexual media and sex-addicted society we are a part of?

What we are doing now is not working.

How do we have a real conversation?

Do we talk about our own mistakes, our own mess-ups? There is a side of me that says ... not me, not here anyway ... my wife reads this blog ... you go first.

I read a study the other day that stated there are more men in America addicted to pornography than men addicted to alcohol. What?!

I’d like your feedback. Tell me what YOU think . . . In 200 words or less if possible . . . There are a lot of you out there . . . :-)

"Father, be with us, guide us, remind us of Your love for all of us. We are a fallen humanity and You provide the only lasting answer through Your son Jesus. In Jesus name we cry out to You."


  1. Seeing as how sex was created by God, I believe Christians should be at the forefront of defining good sex.

    A provocative statement? I hope so. Human romance is sacred. Sexuality pursued passionately with purity in marriage (called Sacred Sex by author Tim Alan Gardner) is a means by which we most deeply comprehend the divine romance between the Lord and His people. Sexual immorality has potential for greatest injury (1 Corinthians 6:18).

    Until Christians sensitively pursue right discussion of sex, the world will lead the discussion, and it will be a perverse one.

  2. P.S. I didn't offer an answer to the "how do we have a real conversation" question. Not sure I have one yet. I'll think on it some more and perhaps I'll be back.