30 November 2009

Monday Morning

It is Monday morning. I’m sitting at my desk, recovering from Thanksgiving week, which ended last night at 9pm when my family and I returned from Germany. Living in Florida, I secretly love cold vacations. Twisted, I know.

In Germany I finished Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. One thing he wrote keeps coming back to my mind: “Success cannot heal a wounded soul.”

Wow. Is that why we seek recognition, fame, or fortune? Is that what fuels our need to feel love from people we hardly know? Is that what drives our pretentions? . . . Because, we have wounded souls?

Rob Bell might be on to something. But, the statement begs another question. What does heal a wounded soul?

All political ideologies, religions and most philosophies presuppose that truth heals whatever it is that mars the human condition.

Next question… What is truth?

Jesus said on more than one occasion that He is Truth . . . not a cold, hard, or condemning Truth, but a loving, even redemptive, Truth.

My therapeutic supervisor, Dr. Lex Baer, reminded me this morning that Jesus loves us not as we should be, but as we are.

Jesus loves you as you are, right now. Jesus wants you to grow, but He already loves you.



  1. Jesus loves us not as we should be, but as we are ...

    Truth. My head never forgets the truth. My heart never forgets His love. I just forget to keep the two together once in a while.

    Wonderful, wonderful post, Russell. Good to have you back.

  2. I'm happy to be back, Anne!

  3. wow, that is quite a cloud in that photo!

    and your words feel good to my heart.