24 December 2009


Father... How much You love us. Guide our spirits, our hearts, our minds this Christmas. You are our God and we praise You. Thank You for the gift of Your son. In Jesus name we pray...


  1. This is such a beautiful song!

    Merry Christmas, Russell.

  2. May you always know the wonder of His love. Merry Christmas.

  3. Russell, this is one of my three favorite Christmas songs. Selah's version, with the melancholy and violins, is one I play over and over. The video was beautifully matched here.

    Seeing Mary with one hand on her belly as she turns away from the crucified man was just too poignant alongside this music and the words of "death's dark shadow ..."

    One of the reasons I love this song is a dream to be able to sing it alongside Jews. They and we are both waiting to see our Messiah.

    Soon. Very soon.

  4. Merry Christmas all...

    Anne - I missed Mary's hand on her belly and thus the foreshadowing of the crucifixion...


  5. Merry Christmas! So glad our paths crossed. May He continue to use you & bless others through your words to heal and encourage. I am going to watch Nativity Story tonight.. Beautiful song, so healing.

  6. Marry Christmas Bonnie. Thank you for being a blessing in my life... :-)