04 January 2010

Just Look

"Just take a look at what God has done for me tonight."
- Homeless man in Port Orange, Florida

My friend, Mike Ellis, runs a cold weather shelter. Here are some notes from his blog Mike In Progress...

When temperatures dip to 40 degrees or colder First United Methodist Church in Port Orange, Florida opens its door and provides dinner, breakfast and shelter to the homeless. This season we've opened the church two times. It looks like we'll be open again this weekend. Below you'll find some of the things I've seen at the homeless cold weather shelter.

A tweep from Twitter crocheted scarves for every homeless man and woman.

A couple of days before Christmas, a homeless man led a homeless choir as they sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" to all cold weather shelter volunteers.

Another tweep from Twitter made phone calls and found 30 cots so that the homeless could sleep comfortably.

A homeless man gave up his spot at the shelter so that his girlfriend would have a warm place to stay.

Tweeps from twitter brought blankets, backpacks, socks and medicine for the homeless.

A homeless man stopped me and with tears in his eyes said,
"God bless you and your church for keeping us warm for tonight."

I gave a woman a warm coat and she responded as if I had given her one million dollars.

A young man found a homeless person in a parking lot and drove him to the cold weather shelter. The young man made sure his homeless friend was comfortable and then drove home to find a couple of needed items.
The homeless man cried as the young man came back to the shelter and gave him a pair of pants and a bible. I remember the homeless man saying, "I don't deserve this. I don't deserve this."

A tweep from Twitter talked, listened, looked into the eyes, sat down with and entered the world of almost every homeless man and woman.

Volunteers unselfishly donated and shopped for food, prepared and cooked meals, served food, passed out socks, washed dishes, stayed up all night and sang songs.

One of our volunteers brought her daughter to help. This young girl poured dressing on salad and hugged each homeless man and woman.

Last night as I was leaving the cold weather shelter a man walked up to me. He said, "Sir, do you have room for one more person tonight? I don't have a warm place to stay." I took him into the church and found him a place to sleep. As he was lying down he said,
"Just take a look at what God has done for me tonight."


  1. I'm always blessed to hear of the variety of ministries to which the Lord calls His servants. Though I'd gladly minister to the homeless, I know my calling is elsewhere, including to those in jail.

    If we'll each listen to our calling, surely God has a plan to minister to everyone.

  2. Thank you friend. Only one change. I don't run the cold weather shelter. God makes it happen.

  3. In as much as you've done it unto one of the least of these...Jesus says "thanks"

  4. What a wonderful ministry.

  5. mike & his wife Becky have HUGE hearts and all the volunteers do a beautiful and wonderful thing through the grace of God. I was there on saturday night to sing and I must say..it was my first time and it moved me very deeply in a way i did not expect. Thank you God for opening my eyes and thank you Mike for asking me to use my gift to bring a smile to some who dont have a lot to smile about.

  6. It's the gospel with skin on it.

  7. Thank you everyone for responding...

    Blessings to you...

  8. good good words

  9. nAncy - It's amazing how people with little glorify our Father...