02 February 2010

Question of The Week

Change is in the air. Bullets & Butterflies is adding a new feature called Question of The Week. Exciting.

My friend Anne Lang Bundy, a woman with tremendous faith, will be answering questions about faith, the Bible, and what it means to turn a human life over to Jesus Christ.

In order to facilitate Question of The Week, I'll be moving my regular blog post to Wednesdays.

If you have any questions about faith, especially if you have doubts about Christianity, think Christians are hypocrites, think religion is just a coping mechanism for the weak, think Christians are mostly crazy ... send us your questions ... the harder the question, the better ... we can take it ... :-)

"Father, thank you for the opportunity to blog. Guide us to use this opportunity to talk about your promise of peace and salvation wisely. In Jesus name we pray"


  1. "The harder the better"? (*gulp*)

    Well, Russell, I did agree to whatever gets asked.

    Bring on the questions.

  2. i don't have a question right now.
    i was gonna ask what day of the week you were going to do this question and answer.
    but, it looks like it will be on tuesdays.

    kind of reminds me of "dear abby"
    you could call it "dear anne"
    just a thought.
    i am full of thoughts, you know.

  3. I'll give a sneak peek at this Saturday's question:

    "Why Pray? If it changes God's mind then he is not sovereign. If it does not change God's mind then it is superfluous."

  4. Looking forward to this, really love Anne.

  5. Can't wait Anne! And where would you like us to submit the questions? To your email or the comments section?

  6. T. Anne, any way you get a question to Russell or me—comment, email, FaceBook, Twitter—it'll get put in the basket.

    See you Saturday!