23 March 2010

March toward the sound of the guns (revisited)

April is the one year anniversary of the Port Orange Counseling Prayer Circle and Bullets & Butterflies. Over the next five weeks Bullets & Butterflies will re-post some the posts from 2009 to commemorate that anniversary.

March toward the sound of the guns.

Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within. - Miguel de Cervantes

The Christian writer Donald Miller said once that when it comes to following Jesus he hates military analogies.


There are people who take it too far for sure. Usually, these are people who forget Jesus enjoined us to pray for our enemies, show mercy to those who are merciless toward us, help those who would forget us during our times of need. -- Love, Truth, Forgiveness: these are the weapons Christ gives us to use in the struggle between Good and evil.

It can happen that a soldier becomes disoriented during the confusion of battle. Sometimes a soldier’s most recent directive is no longer applicable to their current situation.

There is an old military adage, which states: March toward the sound of the guns. This directive simply means that if you do not know what else to do, go to where the fighting is most intense. This is where you are needed.

There are times I ask myself: where are the guns the loudest in my life? Does the single parent of three across the street need help? Is there a person from work who lost a family member and needs someone to listen to them? Is there a person in my life who is suffering because they made a mistake, hurt other people, and needs someone to remind them that we all make mistakes ... even if we do not all get caught ... and despite everything else, they are still valuable and loved by their Creator ... And, that forgiveness is available.

Where are the guns loudest in your life, in your community?

March toward the sound of the guns.

... Father, we thank you for being a God of second chances. Be with us and focus us on Your mission of love and redemption. Use us and in doing so minister to us. In Jesus name we pray ...


  1. Yes, it is easy to confuse what war means in the Kingdom of God applied to our lives on earth. For as you say the war and the weaponry must be seen with our heart, through the vision of Love. Our spirit must be guided by the Holy Spirit. It is like the Holy Spirit is the commanding officer of our spirit.

    This kind of war, is war of God over evil.

    evil wants death to souls by "anything" that will take people away from looking to Jesus.

    God wants life to souls by...
    truth of Jesus,
    rightousness that is found in our relationship with Jesus,
    the work of Jesus that brings peace with God,
    faith in Jesus alone as our shield from evil, salvation upon our head,
    and God's word used under the Spirit's power and direction.

    our ongoing relationship with Jesus, direction by the Holy Spirit, along with the word of God.

  2. Excellent post. Thanks for reposting it, Russell.

  3. Very fitting and poignant for such a time as this. My courage can flag at times. This was a gift today.

  4. asolutely great picture you choose for this post- and an excellent post...

  5. I hadn't read this post, and it really makes a person think.

    I am determined to march toward the sound of guns.

    Love that quote!

  6. nAncy - What beautiful words and insight. You are more than a poet ... :-)
    Jason - Thanks man.

    Kathleen - Blessings and prayers to you. Take courage, you are loved so dearly.

    Thera - Looking forward to seeing you in Germany!

    Marty - Keep marching, and blessings to you.

  7. Still my favorite post, Russell. The quote sits on my writing desk where I think upon it often.

  8. You are a fighter and a soldier Anne ... :-)