25 June 2010

Question of the Week:

A recent "Question of the Week" listed five of the devil’s lies which sound close enough to the truth to make them believable. On my blog "Building His Body," I did five posts this week to address those lies in more detail:
Monday – "You'll never be worthy of God's grace or love."
Tuesday – "If you have faith, it doesn't matter if you sin."
Wednesday – "Following Jesus solves your problems."
Thursday – "Problems indicate God's condemnation."
Friday – "If you love others then you're loving God."

If you haven't seen them yet, I invite you to look over those posts.

Q&A for next Friday (July 2) will address how to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit. Hope to see you then!


  1. Anne - I really enjoyed reading the posts this last week. Thanks.

  2. Rusty ~ I'm most grateful to you for the continued opportunity to share here. : )