10 October 2010

Chip Ministry

I can see me continuing to make the best music I can, and let the chips fall where they may. - Lee Ann Womack

About one year ago we and some friends started hosting a Bible study in our home. The idea was to invite people from different denominations to the study. General Patton is known to have said, "If everyone is thinking the same then no one is thinking."

We have Roman Catholics attend, several Methodists, a few Evangelicals, and friends from The Church of Christ study scripture with us, too.

It is definitely one Bible study where people are never accused of thinking the same. And, most nights we have a great after party, too.

My wife sets out chips for people to snack on while we read and discuss scripture. Mike Ellis, probably my best friend, calls it her chip ministry. We all laugh, but it is the simple acts of service that sometimes mean the most.

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. - Jesus Christ

I am constantly telling clients that what we do is not nearly as important as why we do what we do. Motive is so important.

A man might be the founder of a mega Church, but if his motive is to massage his own ego, is he serving Jesus Christ? Yet even the smallest act, like a chip ministry, done selflessly in Jesus' name and out of love, brings glory to our Father.

Remember that Jesus works through us. We are his hands, arms, feet, and body. Serve each other in love, in Jesus name, and you will find the love you are looking for.


  1. There is profound significance in the act of breaking bread together (or chips). Meetings become fellowship over food. This is no small ministry.

    Maybe you should start serving chips on the blog too, Rusty ...

  2. I love it! As a pastor myself, I see the significance and importance to such a ministry. We can ALL learn from one another. Yes, I do know that not all of us have the same views and opinions of the Bible, but ONE thing I believe to be true and that is we can all agree on the truth that Jesus IS the Son of God...We can also all agree that God is Love...and when we love one another and love others, we are modeling our heavenly Father and bringing glory to Him...You may be on to something with the title "The Chip Ministry"....I think it's awesome and very catchy...you could create a facebook page with the title. Just another way to minister the gospel and Love of God through Jesus Christ.
    Pastor Nina Tidwell
    Ponce Church
    also our facebook page is: Ponce Church~Surfside, Ponce Inlet, FL

  3. Anne - If someone figures out how to serve real food through the Internet ... I'm off for good! :-) Lucky for us, the kind of food where we never hunger again is already served :-)

    Pastor Nina - You live so close! We are just a few miles from Ponce Inlet, maybe you should join us some time!