01 February 2011

Psychological First Aid

Last week I spent four days in Orlando training with first responders: police officers, fire fighters, emergency medical personnel, you know, the people you call when you are having a really bad day.

The purpose of the training was to help these practiced individuals learn techniques they can use to support each other when one or more of them have been exposed to an unusual incident that might lead to post traumatic stress.

First responders know something the rest of us sometimes have a hard time figuring out. In a crisis, life is hard, often lethal, when we try to go through it alone.

We are meant to rely on each other. That is how God created us. We are stronger when we support and look out for each other.

Scripture teaches us that, “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

We are stronger when we band together. We are infinitely stronger when we invite God into our relationships. We experience God through each other. When we are in His will, He is manifest through our lives.

"Father, thank you for the people who are willing to put their lives at risk to keep us safe, be with them, give them courage and wisdom, and protect them, in Jesus name we pray."


  1. Great parallel. I completely agree and join in your prayer of thanks to God. Thanks Russell.

  2. I've long seen the dangers inherent to police, fire & EMS as far more dangerous to soul than to body. It takes a special kind of people to do the job, and a special kind of people to minister to them.

  3. Jason - "joining" in prayer. :-)

    Anne - ... and that is exactly why we thank you and John especially.