20 April 2009

Earth Day

This week the United States, and I assume many other countries, will celebrate Earth Day. What a beautiful space God has created to let His and our stories unfold . . . or is it just one story?

Scripture tells us that “. . . the glory of the LORD fills the whole earth . . .” (Num. 14:21). That, " The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands."(Psalm 19:1). And, " . . . the earth is full of his unfailing love." (Psalm 33:5).

I challenge you to plant a tree this week. How about in a neighbors yard. Wouldn’t someone be shocked to wake up with a tree in their lawn. :)

As you plant the tree, think about the world our Lord has created. Think about that tree. Over the years what conversations will take place as people walk by? What laughter will float up through its branches? What tears will mingle with its fallen leaves?

Then think about this. -- Long after that tree falls to the ground and turns to dust, the tender God who cares for you more than a mother does a child; the same mighty Father who fights for you like a Warrior fights to rescue His son or daughter . . . The One who created the Earth will still be loving you, walking with you, and caring for you. Awesome.

“Father, I am humbled, amazed, to know that You love us so much. Father, I pray that you open the hearts of those among us who do not yet know how to recognize Your Love and Glory as it is revealed by Your creation. Help us to focus our lives on helping our brothers and sisters in pain. Let Love and Truth be our tools. Send Your Spirit to guide us. In Jesus name we pray.”

Have a blessed week.

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