13 April 2009

Just Listen

Greetings Prayer Circle,

Yesterday, a grief support group I’m helping lead met for the second time. There was so much love, sorrow, confusion, and faith all mixed together in the room where we gathered.

The people there talked . . . and more importantly . . . just listened to each other.

Romans 12:15 commands us to “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those that mourn.” We are meant for God, but also for each other.

Be an answer to someone’s prayer today. Don’t worry about solving their grief, words are not necessary, just hold their hand or be in their presence. Our Father will be there, too.

“Father, thank you for the awesome privilege of sharing in the lives of those around us. Command our spirits to be conduits of Your awesome love. In Jesus name I pray.”


  1. "Don't worry about solving their grief ... just be in their presence."

    SO hard to just listen. SO important. So valuable. So irreplaceable.

    What validates a person in quite the same way as active listening?

    Good words, Russell.

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