18 May 2009

Weary & Burdened

This week I thought a lot about Matthew 11:28 – “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

This verse is often used to share Christ’s love with none believers. Many followers communicate beautiful stories about hearing this verse for the first time -- “I’m weary . . . I’m burdened . . . and I so much need rest.” –- The Holy Spirit has touched countless hearts with this simple message.

The last few days I reflected on the importance of this verse to those who already follow Christ.

The world is constantly pulling at us, often quietly, but always with relentless determination. -- The Lord often works through our friends. Last week I went through a period where I felt far from our Creator, so I went to pray with my friends Ray and Susan Kelley. It was the right decision. When we are following God’s will for our lives, we are God’s gift to each other. Ray and Susan’s prayers were a gift and a blessing.

Never forget that God loves you. That He seeks to walk with you. That you are important to Him. -- Pray for each other. Love and support each other in Jesus name.

. . . Father, Thank You for being a God of second chances. Thank You for being a patient and loving father. Command our spirits to seek out those in our lives who might be isolated and in need of compassion and kindness. We pray that You are glorified by our lives. In Jesus name we pray . . .

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