31 May 2009

Welcome Jessica!

Late last summer I was sitting in the intern office at The House Next Door in DeLand trying to catch up on paperwork, when Jessica Squires walked in the room, sat down, and we started to talk.

Jessica told me that after graduation she wanted to work someplace she could serve Jesus by serving others. We discussed how working as counselors, helping people talk about their lives, is for us and other counselors driven by their faith, an act of worship. It was that day, prompted by Jessica’s initiative, that the idea for Port Orange Counseling Center was born.

This month, most likely this week, Jessica will start seeing clients at Port Orange Counseling Center. If you get the chance, send her a message of encouragement. She is a great counselor surrounded by a supportive and authentic family.

. . . Father, thank you for the opportunity to help others. Father, we pray that you guide Jessica as she starts this new chapter in her life. Guide her, and be with her, that by her presence in the lives of others You are glorified. In Jesus name we pray . . . .


  1. Jessica,

    I'm so happy we are going to be working together. Thank you, Todd, Wes, and the rest of your family......


  2. Jessica,
    What a wonderful mission to help others. I wish you the best as you work in the Port Orange Counseling Center.
    Paul Cline...a friend of Russell's

  3. Jessica,
    From someone who has known you for so many years, I have no doubt that you will be such a positive force in the Port Orange Counseling Center. Your true faith has and will be an inspiration to all around you. May you be blessed each and every day as you bless others around you!
    Love always, Kristy Radeker

  4. We are so excited for you and Todd. God has been and will continue to bless your work and passion for helping others!!!
    We are praying for you:)
    Love the Kleoppels

  5. Jessicea,

    I am so proud of you! I stand in awe as I see the work of God in your life. I love you and know that this chapter is a continuation of your touching the lives of others, just as you have touched mine. As you live out one of your favorite verses, Phil 1:6, God has given you strength & courage to do His will!! Go GIRL!!Give my love to Todd and your Mom & Dad.
    In Him, Mickey Roberts

  6. Jessica, I pray that God richly annoints the ministry as I am sure he will.Someone said,"Find out where God is working and join up with him!"That is why I am in the prison ministry,that is where I see God working in people's lives!"

    Father I pray that you will bless and annoint the ministry at POCC, In Jesus Name.